Aperture Goes Online


Aperture’s run in Cleveland has ended. The store is no longer, but the website and amazing community lives on!
After we take a breath we’ll be loading this website with great cameras, accessories, magazines (Anie), prints, and much more. We will no doubt live in this space, so please check back often for news, stories, and quality products.
We love you Cleveland. Always have, always will.

Anie’s Visible Voice Show


July 12th marks THE SUMMER Artwalk down here in our neighborhood of Tremont. These Artwalks are held every month, but July’s walk is a blast. The heart of summer for Clevelanders.
Our most bad-ass, most indie bookstore, Visible Voice Books, is honoring our new analog photography zine, Anie, with a show of her own! On July 12th as part of Tremont’s Artwalk, Visible Voice will be hosting a party for Anie, Cleveland’s only analog photography publication.

Scott Meivogel’s images and Anthony Zart’s design/storytelling, all based around Cleveland and it’s people. Visible Voice will be serving drinks, there will be bands, photos, and great socializing. Obviously we’ll be selling both issue #1 and #2. VV Books is located at 1023 Kenilworth in Cleveland. Here is a link to the info on their site.

Come join us on the 12th!!




Anie Premiers 4.1.13


We are so excited to present an analog photography zine, Anie, which will be available for the first time on April 1st!
Anie will consist of film photography, stories, technical details, and all things analog. We are publishing this 8.5 x 5×5 inch zine in full color, with 24 pages dedicated to the art of instant and analog photography. What’s going to be inside it’s pages? Everything and anything. There are no restrictions or guidelines, just great photography and design.
Please scroll down for a sneak peak inside Anie’s pages.
It will be sold inside Aperture’s doors, online, and in a handful of cool stores throughout the USA.
Here is the current list:
- Aperture. 2541 Scranton Rd., Cleveland, OH 44113
- Looking Glass Photo. 2848 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705
- PhotoBooth. 1193 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110
- Mac’s Backs. 1820 Coventry Rd.,  Cleveland Hts, OH 44118
- Visible Voice. 1023 Kenilworth Ave.,  Cleveland, OH 44113
If you have, or know of a store that would like to stock Anie, drop us a line here.



BW Darkroom Workshop


From Camera to Print
On Saturday, Feb. 23rd, join Matt Marrash and Scott Meivogel for an afternoon in the DARKROOM!

Everything will be covered to allow you to bring your images to life.

-Intro to darkroom elements. Setting up your darkroom, the lenses, chemicals, tools, etc…
-Developing your BW film. Bring your exposed film to life.
-Proofing your developed film. Contact sheets, inspecting negatives, etc…
-Enlarging your negatives. 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10.
-The final BW print.
-Dodging, burning, spoting, and finishing.

Bring your exposed film and we’ll take you from there. Everything will be covered, and you’ll be creating your own prints, from your own negatives!
The cost covers your chemicals, paper, and lessons. Each participant will leave with at least 2 professional, 8×10 prints.


Large Format Workshop


Now is your chance to go LARGE!
Our Large Format Workshop will be help on Saturday, Jan. 19th at 1pm.
Join Mat Marash of Film Photography Podcast and Scott Meivogel of Aperture as they take you through all the details regarding this amazing format.

Mat and Scott will lead a workshop that will teach you how to do it all. Tilts and shifts. Loading and unloading. Focusing. Shooting. Plus a sample of multiple, available films.
Large format photography is usually not a format you can just begin shooting. If you’re like most, a 2.5 hour workshop is exactly what you need! Everyone who registers will have a chance to shoot, and take home, their very own photograph, ask questions, and receive a hands-on education.

Tickets are available online here, and mailed to your door. Please bring your ticket with you on the 19th. The workshop is limited to 20 photographers.
If you have your own large format camera, feel free to bring it. See you on the 19th!


December’s Vinyl Night: Dec 12th


Our next Vinyl Night will be held on Wednesday, December 12th at 6:30pm.
Last month’s Night went very well. We all heard some really great music (most was new to me), drank some tasty beers, and most important, met new people. So, we’re going to keep it going!

Bring in your favorite albums and play a few tracks for everyone. Share your favorite beer and try something new. Meet some new folks and their music. Anyway you look at it, it’s a victory.
We’ll all be in the Holiday spirit, so feel free to bring in some Holiday tunes. Sufjtan Stevens just put out a new Holiday record and of course M Ward and Zooey have a quality LP.

Vinyl Night begins at 6:30, but we’ll be open if you want to come earlier. Bring some friends… all are welcome.
Here is the FB page. Click Here.

Vinyl Night


Our first ever Vinyl Night will be Wednesday, November 7th from 6:30-8:30pm.
What is Vinyl Night? Good question. We still are not 100% as to what form it will take. This first night is an open night, one where there are not any ‘rules’ or regulations. Bring in your favorite record and play us a few tracks, then if you want to, tell us why you like it so much. Maybe a story of the first time you heard it? The girl or boy that was involved? What your parents said when they heard it blasting from your bedroom? Or, don’t say anything. Nobody cares anyway!
We’ll provide some pretzels and/or peanuts. We have ample seating and a huge old-school bar with stools. Basically this is a social evening to talk, listen, drink, laugh, and possibly meet your future spouse. But most important, it’s a night to be introduced to new music, or introduce folks to your favorite bands and albums.
Vinyl Night will be a monthly event. We may listen to specific genres each month, but we’ll see what you all think on the 7th.
See you there!


Acoustic Show! Oct 18th


Leading up to our first Vinyl Night, we are pleased, honored, excited and overall pumped to announce an ALL ACOUSTIC SHOW on October 18th featuring Lost Jon and the Ghosts and Dolfish. If you have ever been to our events, you may have seen Lost Jon and the Ghosts. That was before their debut album was released and before they polished their amazing sound. Now, their album is out and their sound is peaking.
Do not miss this BYOB acoustic show! No cover charge, but a donation at the door is welcome.
You can find some of Dolfish’s music on Daytrotter, and Lost Jon’s music can be found here.

Impossible’s New CP Film is Here!


Impossible introduced it’s new Color Protection film for your SX70′s and 600 Series Polaroids. Shielding is over!
Development times can sometimes reach 30 minutes, but we’re pretty used to that. The color has been upgraded and the sun will no longer kill your images.
So, throw your handmade shields away (but don’t! you still need to shield the black and white film) and get out there without any restrictions!
You can purchase the PX70 here, and the PX680 here.


Instant Photo Walk


September 29th, 2012 at 10am. We meet at Aperture.
The following 3 hours will be filled with photography, tips, tricks and plenty of Instant Love. Aperture’s neighborhood of Tremont will be the setting. If you’ve never been to Tremont and experienced it’s vintage beauty, now’s your chance. More to photograph than we’ll have time for, but feel free to stick around after and take advantage!
We’ll have cameras for you to borrow and film to fill them.
Meet here at 9:45am to get started, then it’s time to head out!